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Premiere: CAEZAR - 'Hold On'

Bittersweet electro pop...

ROBIN MURRAY NEWS 08 · 08 · 2018

When close friends Chris Quiqley and Rich Gills both found themselves with sporting injuries they turned to music as a means to fill their time.

Searching out fresh ideas, they linked with band mate Zoe to form new Cheltenham based three-piece CAEZER.

Frisky electro pop with a bittersweet after-taste, debut EP 'HAIL!' is incoming (pre-order your copy of the single HERE) and it promises to be a little bit special.

New song 'Hold On' is online now, a stellar introduction replete with glistening verse, infectious chorus, and crystal clear production.

There's a slight twinge of melancholy, though, with the band explaining: "Just because you love someone, doesn't mean it's right. 'Hold On' was written out of the conflicted feelings of breaking up with someone who you still love. The track was one of the first songs the band wrote, and has since come to life after years of performing the track at festivals and finally in the studio with Justin Broad."

Tune in now.

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