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CAEZAR Release “Waiting”

From humble beginnings, the concept for CAEZAR was born from a conversation on a Rugby pitch in 2014 between guitarist Rich Gills and vocalist Chris Quigley, and little did they know that they were then on the path to something big. Their opening salvo as Indie Rock band Quigley saw great success, with support from BBC Introducing and performances across the UK and Europe as well as festival appearances alongside the likes of James Bay, Hozier and Jack Garrett.

Shortly after, the duo became a trio, with vocalist Zoe Dwyer providing an extra dimension to the sound. It wasn’t until 2017 that they realised that their potential was outgrowing their means, and have since spent the past 18 months going through a period of evolution, working closely alongside producer Justin Broad (Raleigh Ritchie, Jessie J, Izzy Bizu), and changing both sound and name. The new name relates to the initials of the band’s new membership; C (Chris), Z (Zoe) and R (Rich) – CAEZAR.

Their evolution forges forward with their debut track Waiting. CAEZAR push the boundaries of a handful of different genres, creating a fresh and iconic sound – you can still hear the undertones of their Indie Rock past flavoured throughout with Rich’s grooving guitars providing a backbone, but the trio now incorporate so much more. Soft synths and dance music production break up the track with an alternate yet welcome energy, and expert vocal manipulation combined with the chorus’ hook creates an infectious melody that is sure to stay rattling around your head until you hear it again. Chris’ crisp and distinct English tones spin a narrative on the complexities of love, while pulling focus to the innovative and stellar songwriting.

Speaking about Waiting, CAEZAR said,

Waiting was written about the frustration of unreciprocated affection. We had the idea of the song based around the idea that you can’t always help who you fall in love with. The track was always a crowd favourite when performed live and the infectious hook came to life in the studio. It’s quickly become the band’s signature song.
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